Frequently Asked Questions

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1.        How often do you recommend massage to be beneficial?

This depends on a variety of factors including overall muscle health, activity level and severity of injury if applicable.  We will evaluate these areas upon your first visit and suggest additional treatments if we feel neccesary.  That being said, everyone is different.  Injury/area of tightness is different person to person so the number of treatments needed to make a change varies person to person. 


2.       What is your policy concerning cancellations?

24 hours notice is required to cancel/reschedule an appointment.  This allows us to fill the vacated appointment time with another client and also allows our clients to have their needed treatments.


Cancellations or reschedules with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows will be charged the full amount of the appointment.


4.       Do you take checks and/or credit cards?
Cash is preferred (we usually cannot provide change) but credit cards are also accepted.  Checks are accepted from exisiting clientele only.


5.       Do you have a discount for purchasing packages?
No we don't do a package discount


6.       Do you also do just a relaxing massage?
Yes but that is not our specialty.  Really any massage therapist should be able to do a relaxation massage.  Its the first thing they teach you in school.  We have found that there are so many more benefits from treatment massage that we chose to specialize in that.  We expect our clients to get up off the table feeling looser with more range of motion and less pain - not just relaxed.  


7.       Do you do couples massages?


8.       Do you take insurance?
No.  Unfortunately in the state of Alabama, massage is not covered at this time.  You may be able to use a Flexible Spending Account.  Please check with your FSA provider.  

9.       If I am referred to you through a doctor or chiropractor because of a traffic accident, do you work with the auto insurance company in retaining payment?

This is an absolute possibility.  Please call so we can discuss.


10.   Should I talk during a massage?
It's your time.  You can talk or not talk.  We do request that if we have a question regarding depth of pressue, pain level, etc that you respond.  


11.   If I am handicapped or have special conditions with laying down flat do you have accommodations for that?
Of course!  We want to help everyone as best we can to have less pain.


12.   Do you require a health questionnaire for your clients?
Yes.  Your confirmation email will contain a link to Noterro for our online health intake form.  There is pertinent medical info that we will need in order to treat safely and appropriately.


13.   How does massage work?
On many levels.  Increased blood flow, decreased hypertonicity (tightness), decreased trigger points - lets discuss more at your first visit. 


14.   If I have a cold can I still come for my appointment?
Sure but if you have a fever or are contagious, we'd prefer you reschedule. 


15.   How early should I arrive for my appointment?
5-10 minutes early should be plenty.  Have a seat in our waiting area and we will be with you shortly. There's a restroom at the end of the hall that you are welcome to use.


16.   Should I eat right before a massage?
Something light if necessary. 


17.   What are some additional tips I need to know to get the most out of my massage?
Preferrably you should wear or bring athletic shorts and a sports bra for ladies.  This allows us to move you around the table more freely without worrying about draping.  If shorts and sports bra aren't available we can do traditional massage draping with sheets. 


18.   Should I drink a lot of water after my massage?
Yes- we all could drink more water so while you are taking care of your body with a massage, go ahead and drink more water too!


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