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 Ida Aspinall

Alabama License # 6302


Ida Aspinall completed her massage education in Kailua, Hawaii in 2012. Since that time she has had the opportunity to work in the spa industry and in chiropractic and physical therapy clinics. Her experiences in the massage industry and her life experiences as an educational facilitator, hale builder, and personal trainer is what informs her treatment style. 
Ida has found interest in a variety of modalities, including deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and breath work and incorporates a variety of those techniques in her treatments. 
She currently resides in Salem, Alabama with her wonderful partner and their rambunctious coonhound pup.


Rebekah Hall

Alabama License # 2655

 Rebekah completed her 1080 clock hour massage therapy course at Ashmead College in Everett, WA in 2000.  Corrective/Treatment massage has always been a focus of her work.  She has expanded her knowledge and ability to treat injuries and correct posture by taking additional classes through Neurosomatic Educators in Clearwater, FL.  The focus of her corrective therapy is structural with an assessment of posture regardless of the initial complaint.  A full picture approach has proven very effective in providing relief from chronic pain.  This type of therapy is also very effective for sports performance and “prehab”  - or working to avoid injuries before they occur.

Rebekah is also well versed in Neurosomatic Therapy, deep tissue and sports massage.

Leah Dahle

Alabama License # 5987

 Leah Dahle has been a massage therapist since 2015. She also has experience working as a physical therapy aid, and an athletic trainer.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Brigham Young University, and her massage therapy training at Myotherapy College of Utah.  She specializes in sports massage, orthopedic massage, myofascial release, and deep tissue. Leah generally incorporates facilitated stretching, joint mobilizations, and musculoskeletal alignment techniques into her treatments. She may provide instruction for therapeutic exercises to help you in the rehabilitative process as well. Leah has lived in Auburn since 2020 with her husband and three young boys, and they love to enjoy the outdoors together. 

John Hall

Alabama License # 2881


John has discontinued actively giving treatments. 
John completed his massage therapy education at Southern Union in Opelika in 2009.  Since then he has supplemented that education with learning from some of the best therapists in the country.  Corrective massage therapy has been a focus for him as well as AIS stretching and a full body approach to wellness.  Postural distortions and ultimately balancing those distortions through soft tissue manipulation, stretching and strengthening are what he specializes in.  John brings a background in martial arts and athletics that really round out his understanding of human function and enhances his ability to help people heal. 

John is also well versed in Neurosomatic Therapy, Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy.

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Establishment Lic # 2476

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